About Pie Festival 2017 – September 9

Pie Town’s Pie Festival is the second Saturday of September–That’s September 9, 2017 this year.

Pie Town NM USA’s Pie Festival first began as a local community canning event and has grown into a slice of old time fun for everyone.

Pie Town has been known as a haven for pies ever since Clive Norman, a WWI vet settled in the area and started making pies for those traveling through. In 1924, a red-headed Texas cowboy named Harmon L. Craig bought a half-interest in Pie Town for “one collar of good and lawful money and other valuable consideration.” Craig opened a gas station and garage, and then Pie Town’s fame was spread even wider when Russel Lee arrived in Pie Town to document rural life in the 1940’s. Pie Town still retains much of the charm of that era, when life was simple and the pie was a staple of every roadside cafe.

Pie Town offers free dry camping behind the Jackson Park, along with several RV sites in Pie Town and at Top of the World. In addition, Pie Town now offers four pie cafes that will be open during the event. Pie Town NM USA is located directly on Highway 60, West of New Mexico’s Very Large Array (VLA) made famous in the movie, Contact with Jodi Foster.

Proceeds from the Pie Festival go to help support the community and keep Pie Town a haven for anyone who loves pie.

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